The moto-club has its origins in the year 2004, and, since then, it has created and promoted motorcycling sport events with great success.

In 2004, it took place our baptism in Jaen Bullring, where we arranged a motorbike freestyle, accompanied by an indoor trial display, which eventually turned into a resounding success, achieving a total attendance of 12.000 people, filling practically the whole capacity of the showground.

In the following years, we celebrated several events in different Spanish cities bullrings, like Granada, Córdoba, Jaén, Baza, Motril, Soria, Xátiva, Ciudad Real, Atarfe, Lucena, etc. Also, in 2005, we produced a Spanish Championship Supercross race in Torres de Albanchez, as well as some other events of a fewer level.

During the 2006 campaign, we held, for Unipublic Company, the “Mad Riders Tour ‘07”, organizing freestyle events in Granada, Córdoba, Madrid, Barcelona and Xátiva, being rewarded with the warmest welcome from the audience.

We boast for having a very well structured organization, equally as specialized staff, in what concerns to the logistics, being that absolutely necessary for the carrying out of the events.

We’re ready to face whatever the challenge or venture that might appear attractive.

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